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June 30 - July 15: DR Mission serving in La Romana!

Follow the 2017 DR Mission Team during their time in La Romana

After a year of planning, the 2017 DR Mission Team will be serving in the bateyes and barrios of La Romana from June 30 - July 15, 2017. The group of volunteers and students is over 150 people strong, and will be taking part in medical clinics in the bateyes; construction in Batey La Papita (3 new houses), Batey 50 (complete the Corey Burke Classroom), and Joe Hartman School (continue construction on the cafeteria); distribute food daily to the hungry; provide educational programs to hundreds of children; and work with the local churches to share the Gospel and strengthen ministries. 

Follow the DR Mission Team 2017 during their trip by searching the hashtag #DRMT17 on social media, visit @drmissionteam on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. or check out the DRMT social media feed.