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Project Esperanza: Fifty for 50

Batey 50 New
Batey 50 current

Rebuilding a Village: Help for the Poorest of the Poor in Batey 50.

Batey 50, now known as Batey Esperanza, has been transformed! As of July 2016, this village has all new cinder block homes, a new church, a new school, a sustainable food garden, solar panels on the church and to provide power for irrigation, bedding for the families, and more! 

The people of Batey 50 , about a one hour drive from La Romana, DR, have been long known as the poorest of the poor. When visiting, it’s was as though you are in a place and with a people the world has forgotten. Most homes had no foundation, and their roofs werre made of banana leaves or rusted corrugated tin. Every time it rained, their beds and food supplies got soaking wet.

Over the last several years, great progress has been made. Back in 2006, a strong, safe church was built, and in 2010, several latrines were dug and constructed. The focus then needed to address one of their most basic life needs . . . adequate shelter.

Since then, a literal miracle has taken place:  every shack on Batey 50 has been replaced with a new living structure. These homes are small and simple, but have concrete foundations and are a safe shelter from storms. Each of these homes have been built by volunteers over the last several years through the generous donations of many individuals, churches, schools, and families.

The last construction project included building a large park and gazebo to serve as a community center and focal point for residents. Completed in the summer of 2016, this park is already the hub of community meals, weddings, and other activities.

Praise the Lord for providing for these people in great need! And more is to be done! Work continues in Batey 50 to provide suitable bedding for each family (many still sleep on the hard cement floor with only clothing or a piece of cardboard as a bed). Also, work has begun on Batey 91, now known as Batey La Papita, to bring about a similar transformation.

For more information and to support this effort, please email or call the DR Mission Team at 203-626-2239.